We’re dedicated to making sure that no one will have to suffer the indignity of dying at the hands of rogue law enforcement ever again.

The Garner Way Foundation is dedicated to eradicating racism and injustice in all of its forms.


Five years ago, Eric Garner was killed at the hands of over-zealous police officers for expressing his right to stand on a street corner without being harassed. After his repeated and now famous plea, “I can’t breathe”, Eric died, destroying the lives of his friends, family, and children, and sparking a movement that to this day still lives on.

The Garner Way Foundation is dedicated to preserving the legacy of Eric Garner, and in doing the work to ensure that no other family will have to ever suffer the loss of a loved one at the hands of criminally negligent and abusive law enforcement. Thank you in advance for your generous donation to help fund our mission!

Your generous gift will help us fund our mission to help those in need. Together, we can make a difference.

Justice for Eric

The law enforcement officer responsible for the death of our sweet Eric lost his job, but no federal charges have been filed against him. We will continue to fight for justice for Eric, and to always keep his memory alive as we do our important work everyday.

Justice for All

We’re dedicated to honoring Eric’s memory, and the memory of all of the men and women of color in this country who have lost their lives at the hands of rogue law enforcement; we will do the work to hold them accountable, and stop it from happening ever again.

Get Involved

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn’t accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. Today’s the day to get involved!


A Mother In Pain...

After the death of her son, Eric Garner, at the hands of New York City police officers on Staten Island went viral, Gwen Carr’s life changed forever. The illegal chokehold that took Garner’s life has been seared into the public consciousness forever as the large black man struggled to breathe while a white policeman held him down on a hot concrete sidewalk. His death set the tone for a new normal where young black men and women now automatically document police interactions with their cell phones for fear of brutality and even death. As one of the Mothers of the Movement, Gwen Carr, a retired transit train operator, now dedicates her time to fighting for racial equality, especially the way law enforcement treats blacks in the United States.

In This Stops Today, Carr shares the tragedies she’s faced, recalls her son’s life and death, and recounts her newfound role as an activist in the fight for racial equality. More than the story of a single moment, her book recounts a life of family, community, and of a woman who now speaks for those who no longer can. She has to do it for her firstborn. She has to do it for Eric.

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