We Support Youth and Fight Police Brutality

The Garner Way Foundation was established in memory of Eric Garner to fight police brutality and to provide an outlet for youth to support them as they navigate the educational and legal systems. As an organization, we are dedicated to:

  • Uncovering instances of police brutality and other criminal activity within law enforcement
  • Being a clearing house of information regarding cases of police brutality when they are reported
  • Supporting families and victims of police brutality by providing a platform and the appropriate visibility to their stories and cases
  • Providing information to America’s youth of color on how to stay safe and be vigilant during law enforcement encounters

We are able to do this because of generous donations from people like you. We need your help to support our fight, and to help preserve the legacy of Eric Garner, who was needlessly murdered by rogue police officers for doing nothing more than standing on a random street corner. Please keep an eye out for our events, and make any donation you can in any amount to support our organization!